Hambi stays! Come to the Hambacher Forst in October

Leave the coal in the ground!</p>
<p>Hambi stays! Come to the Hambacher Forst in October – the place of resistance against climate destruction!</p>
<p>Coal has to stay in the ground to prevent a hazardous climate catastrophe. Everyone knows, nothing happens. The German government continuously supports the climate-wrecking industries and violates its own insufficient climate goals. Rather than to power down coal power stations it wastes valuable time setting up a committee, staffed with coal phase-out brakesmen. The time is up: people suffer globally from droughts, lose their homes on account of extreme weather events or die a horrible death because of climate-related infections or starvation. It is our obligation to stop climate destruction where it is manufactured: here and now.</p>
<p>Ende Gelände calls out to stand up against the extraction of coal at the Hambacher Forst this October and to confront the absurd growth compulsion. The break-off edge of the coal mine is coming closer, big shovels absorb the landscape. Only a small fraction of the once enormous forest has been preserved – until now. While the “Hambi” shrinks, it becomes an increasingly vivid and wide shining symbol of resistance against the fossil fuel industry, especially after the successfully prevented deforestation in 2017. Thousands of people will support this struggle for climate justice in October through a mass action of civil disobedience.</p>
<p>Hambi stays!

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