Blockade vom Dürener Schlachthof+++Burn Slaughterhouses not coal+++Stoppt Massenmord an Mitlebewesen

(zuletzt aktualisiert: 07.05.19, 16.00uhr)
Am Sonntag, den 05.05.2019 gegen 23 Uhr gelangten wir – eine autonome Gruppe von 25 Menschen – auf das Gelände des Dürener Schlachthofs. Wir stellen uns mit unseren Körpern dem massenhaften Töten von fühlenden Wesen entgegen. Einige Menschen kletterten auf das Dach, andere setzten sich in den Eingang, durch den Kühe und Schweine in das Gebäude getrieben werden und ketteten sich aneinander. -> u gezwitschertes



7.5. 16uhr: einblicke

7.5. 9uhr: Im Rahmen der Aktionswoche „Liberate or Die“ im Hambi wurde gestern Nacht ein Schlachthof in Düren besetzt – die Besetzung dauert noch an.

Ein erster Bericht der Aktivist*innen:


We are dealing with press at the moment so a more nuanced story will be published in the future, for now please read the press release written by the activists.


On Sunday 05/05/19 at 11 pm we, an autonomous group of 25 people, entered the slaughterhouse in Düren. We are blocking the murder of sentient beings with our bodies. Some of us climbed to the roof, others went to the entrance where cows and pigs are driven into the building and then we chained to each other.

Hidden footage from inside the slaughterhouse Bernhard Frenken showed the killing of animals without stunning them first. But this is no individual case. Every time footage is released we see this kind of treatment to the animals which shows that it is a structural problem.

The working conditions of the people are most of the time precarious and the psychological pressure is huge.

In addition, the effect that meat production has in the climate is terrible. The massive consumption of so called animal products adds to the environmental destruction and needs a lot of resources like water and energy.

Even with stunning involved, slaughtering remains an unnecessary killing for human profit.

For this reason our goal is not only to close this slaughterhose, but a change in the relationship between humans and animals. The exploitation of animals is an important part of the capitalist system, and just as patriarchy, has been rooted in society for thousands of years.

Because of this, it is not enough to abolish capitalism, there has to be a fundamental change on our thought process and we should at all times be questioning hierarchical systems.

We refuse the habit of torturing animals and seeing them as products and numbers. We fight for a world free of leadership, in which neither human nor nonhuman animals get exploited, abused or used.

Our solidarity doesn‘t stop at human animals. Since speciesism follows the same rules as racism, sexism and classicism, in our perspective liberation is only accomplished by fighting all systems of oppression.

We can‘t save the nonhuman animals in the transporters on the street, we can just disturb for a moment, block the normalized violence, break the commonly accepted reality.

„You must unlearn what you have learnt – Go Antispecisist!“Hide

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