Registration + Recap of the lastest European Strategy Call

aus email: Dear all, we‘d like to announce that registration for the next By2020 meeting, taking place from the 17th until the 20th of August at the climate camp in the Rhineland, is now open:
Registration is vital for planning the meeting and so that needs and/or wishes for the meeting can be voiced :) And just to be upfront: If you‘re making it to the Rhineland, please arrive at the 16th, the meeting will start in the morning of the 17th.
We‘d also like to give you a very brief recap of the lastest European Strategy Call:
* Fist things first: We‘ve reached an agreement on the shape and narrative for the first wave of actions. For the time being you‘ll find it in this pad, it‘ll be uploaded on the website soon.
* All over Europe, from Italy to Sweden, from Portugal to Hungary, groups and people are getting together to strategise and plan.
* There is a need for improved internal communication.
We highly reccomend reading the full minutes, containing lots and lots of food for thought, including but not limited to aspects of concretely planning the first wave:
Love and rage @By2020WeRiseUp #By2020WeRiseUp

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